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About Us

Special cheese starts with special milk …

Our cheeses are produced from milk using dairy cattle and goats raised and cared for by local farmers all within the Northern Province of Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Our local farmers, all members of Chiangrai Dairy Co-operative, have gone through intensive training.  Regular technical updates help to keep them informed of the most modern farming methods available allowing them to keep their facilities ethical and clean.

We only accept the highest quality of milk which gives our cheeses a unique and distinctive taste not available elsewhere.

The climate as well as the high quality of grass and corn feed available in Chiang Rai results in an extraordinarily high quality of milk, allowing us to craft an exceptional cheese …called Chiangrai Cheese… only available from Chiang Rai.

Our Products

Cow Milk Cheese

Goat Milk Cheese

Mixed Milk Cheese

Our Service

Cheeses made to orders

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Public Relations

McDang’s Travelogue Travel Show

A Travel Show by McDang who’s a celebrity chef in Thailand has visited our facility. We take him to look around our factory, He talks about how to make and age cheese. You can enjoy watching his reaction about eating different types of our cheeses from this video.

Our cheese are available throughout Thailand.
For more information on our cheese and where to purchase,
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